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  • Increased privacy
  • Auto-return Bitcoin
  • No login/account required

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Would you like to Tip someone Bitcoin, or perhaps introduce some friends to Bitcoin? MoneyBadger can help you out!


Send Bitcoin without having to request a Bitcoin address to send to. Include an optional reference message to identify yourself or add a personal note


Send and receive Bitcoin without having to create or log in to an account


MoneyBadger increases the privacy of both the Sender and Receiver, by masking both source and destination Bitcoin addresses


Include a return address in your order and your Bitcoin will be returned to you if it hasn't been withdrawn after 7 days


The Receiver can withdraw their Bitcoin to any address of their choosing, unbeknownst to the Sender


MoneyBadger is a web service that allows you to easily and privately send Bitcoin to someone without knowing their Bitcoin address. Perfect for tipping people or introducing friends/colleagues to Bitcoin! No accounts/logins are required.

There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Select a delivery method (Reddit/Email/SMS)
  2. Enter an amount to send (USD/EUR/GBP/BTC values accepted)
  3. Complete the Order by depositing Bitcoin

Once the order is complete, the recipient will receive either a Reddit private message, an Email, or a SMS message detailing how to withdraw their Bitcoin. If this Bitcoin isn't withdrawn within 7 days, it will be automatically returned to the Sender if they have specified a return address.

Note - Reddit/Email/SMS messages are sent once the deposit has 1-2 confirmations, depending on the order value.

MoneyBadger is intended to be used for the purpose of easily sending/tipping Bitcoin to people you know.
There are some benefits to using MoneyBadger to send Bitcoin, as opposed to sending Bitcoin directly to someone:

  • You don't need to know or have to request a Bitcoin address from the receiver/person you're sending Bitcoin to.
  • The privacy of both yourself and the person receiving Bitcoin is improved by using MoneyBadger. The sender and receiver are unaware of the destination and origin of the Bitcoin, respectively.
  • Include an optional reference message in your order, and the receiver will know who from and/or why they're receiving Bitcoin.
  • Providing you know someone's Reddit Username or Email address or SMS number in advance, MoneyBadger can also be a useful way to introduce people to Bitcoin. The receiver has many days to decide what wallet to download and withdraw their Bitcoin to.

There is a maximum allowed send of $100, and a minimum of $1.
This maximum limit may be increased if there is enough demand to do so in future.

There is a flat $0.50 fee, which covers the cost of sending a BTC transaction. This is deducted from the receiving amount.

Example - Bob completes an order for $10 worth of BTC, to be sent to Alice. Alice will receive $9.50

Due to the irreversible nature of using cryptocurrencies, we will review requests for refunds on a case-by-case basis.

You are welcome to do so, however, MoneyBadger is not intended to be used for this purpose.

All orders require at least 1 confirmation; Orders with a value greater than $20 require 2 confirmations.

Once the respective BTC transaction has enough confirmations, a Reddit private message or Email / SMS containing withdrawal instructions will be sent.

If you have any additional questions, kindly contact us by email.


Ronan Everiss | Founder

Since being introduced to Bitcoin in 2013, Ronan has become a keen advocate of financial freedom and privacy. He has witnessed great advancements and innovation in the cryptocurrency space during this time, and after founding MoneyBadger in 2016, he is also looking forward to contributing to this exciting community.


MoneyBadger is a web service that allows you to easily and privately send Bitcoin to someone without knowing their Bitcoin address. Perfect for tipping people or introducing friends/colleagues to Bitcoin!