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  • Anonymous payments/tipping
  • Worldwide SMS support
  • ....endless use-cases!

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how it works


Bob would like to send money to Alice, but Bob doesn't know a cryptocurrency address belonging to Alice, nor does he want to ask Alice to provide one.

Ideally, Bob would like to send money using Bitcoin, but allow Alice to withdraw her funds to any cryptocurrency of her choice.


  1. Bob sends Bitcoin

    Bob must provide ONE of the following - Email Address/SMS number/Reddit Username/Twitter Username

    Bob then specifies how much money to send. Denominations available - USD/GBP/EUR/BTC

  2. Alice is sent a code

    • Email address - An email is sent to Alice containing a unique code
    • SMS number - A SMS message is sent to Alice containing a unique code
    • Reddit Username - Alice is sent a Private Message on Reddit, containing a unique code
    • Twitter Username - Alice is sent a Direct Message on Twitter, containing a unique code
  3. Alice enters a code

    Alice visits and enters the code she received, along with a cryptocurrency address.

  4. Alice receives Ether!


The amount of money sent by Bob, along with withdrawal instructions and an optional reference message are also included in the message sent to Alice.

If Bob provides a Return Address, his Bitcoin is returned to him after 7 days if Alice doesn't withdraw her money.

Any funds received by Alice have zero relation to the Bitcoin sent by Bob (taint-free).


The order will be processed once the respective transaction has enough confirmations.
All orders require at least 1 confirmation; Orders with a value greater than $20 require 2 confirmations.

There is a maximum allowed send of $500, and a minimum of $1.
This maximum limit may be increased if there is enough demand to do so in future.

The fee is $0.50 or 0.5%, whichever is higher, paid by the Sender.
Any orders involving cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin will be exchanged at a competitive rate.
The fee is calculated and displayed to you when you create an order.

No; unfortunately it wouldn't be viable to do so at the moment.

Due to the irreversible nature of using cryptocurrencies, we will review requests for refunds on a case-by-case basis.

MoneyBadger will return funds to the original Sender after 7 days, provided the Sender specified a Return Address when completing the order.

If you have any additional questions, kindly contact us by email.



Ronan | Founder

Since being introduced to Bitcoin in 2013, Ronan has become a keen advocate of financial freedom and privacy. He has witnessed great advancements and innovation in the cryptocurrency space during this time, and after founding MoneyBadger in 2016, he is also looking forward to contributing to this exciting community.

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MoneyBadger is a web service that allows you to easily and privately send any cryptocurrency to anyone, without knowing their cryptocurrency address in advance! It also allows the person who has received money, to withdraw to any cryptocurrency of their choice!